Fragen und Antworten zum Spiel Cosmic Empires / Questions to Cosmic Empires


1. The number 4 on the secret mission cards resemble a 9. Don't get confused, it's always  a 4.

2. In a 2 player game are only 20 population stones in the bag (19 after first player draw). Can it happen,that the bag runs out of stones?
    - The players can place 12 or 13 stones from each player into the bag.

3. Can it happen that you can't achive your objective, for instance all tiles are revealed and there aren't the required fields?
    - This case nearly don't appear, it can only happen in a 2 player game. In such a rare situation the affected player can only achiv a draw by preventing also his opponent fron winning. Because the players have the possibility to change the field during the game, it's up to them that this situation doesn't appear. If they want they can also play without wormholes, because the field is nevertheless small enough.

4. When the players get population stones as a reward from a public mission, can they use them as a free diplomacy action?
    - Yes, the stones collected in public missions can be used as additional free diplomacy action during the players turn at any moment instantly. The player can use as many stones he wishes in this way, but only on one planet.

5. A player just revealed a planet and after determining the population, an opponent gets control of this planet. Can the player use his population stones from public missions to get control of the planet immediatly?
    - Yes, of course.

6. Can a player make a diplomacy action on a planet even if he doesn't has any stones there?
    - Yes, he can.

7. When a player gains a Frigate as a reward from a public mission, where is he allowed to place it?
    - He can place it on each field he controls. ATTENTION: This mission allows the players to have more ships than capacities they own.

8. How do wormholes work exactly? Can any player change the target when they go through the source tile?
    - Yes, when they go through the source tile, they can determine a new destination.

9. What happens when the 2nd wormhole enters play?
    - Place the 3rd passage marker on the 2nd wormhole. From now on each player can travel through the three passage markers as they wish. The two on the source tiles are fixed, the other one can change his position.